Stacey Korfiatis

In my practice I am focussed on changing the definition of beauty to be more about the appreciation of our bodies and all the things they can do, regardless of size, age or ability. I find bodies fascinating as I see them as a visual map of all the things we’ve ever experienced with each scar, wrinkle and freckle representing part of our journey through life since we were born, and I lament the lack of representation and inclusivity of western beauty standards.

I paint life-size, hyper-real portraits of a cross section of individuals; un-airbrushed and unaltered. I try to capture the essence of the people I paint in a way that respects and honours their willingness to share their body and story with me and my audience.

My work has been exhibited around Australia and I won Third Prize in Painting (Oil/Acrylic) in the Graeme Hildebrand Art Prize for Young Contemporary Artists in 2017. I have also been a finalist in the Stanthorpe Art Festival (2016 & 2018), Bluethumb Art Prize (2018), Waverley Art Prize (2019), fortyfivedownstairs Emerging Artist Award (2019) and the upcoming 2019 Lester Prize.