Spirit of Woman

Place of Courage is developed by Spirit of Woman, a not-for-profit organisation that advocates for gender equality and a future free from family and domestic violence.

Our mission is to establish a commemorative contemporary public artwork and space in the Adelaide CBD for our community who have suffered and died at the hands of family and domestic violence. To acknowledge the courage of those affected from domestic and family violence. To support action that transforms our community through the eradication of domestic and/or family violence.

We believe that this acknowledgment will raise awareness about the impact of family and domestic violence in our society. We want to work with our community partners to provide educational resources about all the consequences of family and domestic violence, to create prevention measures to stop and prevent the ongoing devastation.

Following extensive public consultation, project development and fundraising over the past two years, public artists Christine Cholewa and Deb Jones (CHEB) were selected and the ‘Ripples’ design was created with grant support from the City of Adelaide and the State Government through Arts South Australia. They have teamed up with Kiri Bowmer from Oxigen to develop a cohesive landscape in which the sculptures are integrated into the landscape.