Sowing Seeds is a seasonal print and online magazine that attempts to uplift stories of individuals not engaged in business as usual, in order to empower everyday folks with stories that create small and big changes to their lives and communities.

Our publication is attempting to tackle the topic of environmental action by creating a space where people can discuss concrete ways on how to start living a more conscious and sustainable life today.

Our main purpose is to give ideas, both big and small. We want to empower change through stories and uplift voices not often heard.

We try to be as broad as possible because environmentalism comes in many forms. We believe that reconnecting to the land, each other, and the knowledge of the communities we have long ignored, is the best way to impact the future health of our planet. 

We attempt to give voice to the communities of color facing the most adverse affects of climate change, although being the least responsible for its causes, to the Indigenous communities still battling for access to their ancestral lands and the ability to determine their own future, to deep ecology, regenerative farming, and food sovereignty.