Andrea Przygonski

Unearthing personal memories, connecting to the environment or commenting on current affairs, Andrea Przygonski’s work emerges in many ways through print, textiles, installation, artist books, mixed media, sculpture and new media. She has a diverse and complicated vocabulary of colour, form, materiality and construction and applies each thoughtfully depending on the subject matter.

Driven to explore new methods of expression, Przygonski has recently completed a research degree at University of South Australia, examining serial iteration as a creative strategy in the context of her personal experiences while living in Chicago USA during 2012 and 2013. Her distinctive abstract works have taken a twist into disruptive patterning and camouflage in both two and three dimensional space as she attempts to negotiate her experiences and cultural landscape.

Przygonski studied at Adelaide Central School of Art, Adelaide College of the Arts, School of the Art Institute of Chicago and University of South Australia.  She holds a Bachelor of Visual Art and a Masters in Visual Art. She currently lectures in printmaking at University of South Australia and works from her Adelaide-based studio Little Sparrow.