Rebecca Church

“What makes this show outstanding is the wonderful selection of natural storytellers who have you hooked on their every word, gripped by snippets of their real lives that have you in barrels of laughter and on the verge of tears.” – The West Australian

A stunning showcase of song, circus, dance, striptease and vaudeville, combined with the confessional art of storytelling.

Since 2015, the show has toured five seasons across Melbourne Fringe, Perth Fringe World and Adelaide Fringe Festival and featured performances from cabaret, drag, burlesque, contemporary dance, popular music and circus artists, including Wes Snelling/Tina del Twist, Karen From Finance, Anna Lumb, Mojo Juju, Mama Alto, Frankie Valentine, Clara Cupcakes, Reuben Kaye, Zelia Rose, Ash Baroque, Lillian Starr, Liz Cahalan of Bey Dance, Jessica McKerlie, Chase Paradise, Honey B. Goode, Jessamae St James, Ruby Slippers, Mema Sifa and Lucy Frost.

The show’s producer and curator, Becky Lou has been performing self-devised work within Australia’s neo-burlesque scene since 2007. A resident performer at Melbourne venues Red Bennies and Burlesque Bar until their closures, she became one of the most in-demand performers at the height of Australia’s burlesque revival. A Miss Burlesque Australia national finalist (2010 and 2013), she has been described as ‘one of the High-Priestesses of Australian Burlesque’.

Her debut solo show Shake, an exploration in combining neo-burlesque with personal storytelling, was nominated for Best Cabaret at Perth Fringe World 2015, Best Production at Montreal Fringe 2016 and received critical acclaim during seasons in Adelaide and Melbourne. Her second solo show, Real Woman (2017), further developed her intimate, confessional storytelling style. In 2015 she curated and produced the first season of Seen & Heard, in which she has worked closely with a diverse selection of cabaret artists to explore storytelling in a variety show context. Seen & Heard has been presented in Fringe Festival seasons across the country each year since, winning Melbourne Fringe’s Best Cabaret award in 2017.

Becky Lou continues to perform, produce cabaret events, mentor emerging performers and is currently Co-Chair of the Green Room Awards Association’s Cabaret Panel.