Sarah Bassiuoni




Social Media

Sarah is at the beginning of her career as filmmaker though she brings with her a wealth of experience and talents from her former life as a public interest lawyer and community advocate.

Dynamic, incisive, highly motivated and enthusiastic with extensive practice in advocacy and public campaigning, she has a passion for social justice, a love of film and television, a vivid imagination and intense desire to tell
stories that move and take seed in our culture.

Sarah made her directorial debut with the short film ‘Cat v Toast’, which is a dark comedy about the mistakes we make when drunk and the lengths to which we will go to win back love. ‘Cat v Toast’ premiered at the Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival in 2016. Her second short ‘Dunes’ was recently
completed and follows the adventures of 10 year-old Archie, as she uses her imagination to overcome the loss of her father.

Her next short film ‘Love Song Dedication’ is about to go into production.