I have worked as a film-maker, writer and artist all my life, telling inspirational stories that help us see, feel and think.

Working with the first silent light weight cameras in the 60s and early 70 I made a series of feature length films in the UK before coming to Australia in the early 80s.

Here I co-produced ‘Stepping Out’ with Chris Noonan, in which we told the story of a group of handicapped actors preparing to perform at the Sydney Opera House.

Since then there have been more than 40 films, many of them artist stories that have been shown on the ABC, SBS or the BBC. In ‘Brushes with Fame’ we told the Archibald Portrait Prize Story and followed 6 exceptional painters over a year. Later there were film portraits of Janet Laurence and Wendy Sharpe.

I am now finishing the life story of Salvatore Zofrea, one of Australia’s great painters. As he paints his monumental 100 foot long panorama “Morning Light’, we weave his life story through its making. This is a truly remarkable artist.