John Blines

Rare Earth is an ongoing collaboration between three Adelaide artists, John Blines, Michele Lane and Georgie Willoughby.

Connecting while at art college, they share a belief and concern that the economic paradigm of endless growth that drives the current trajectory of resource consumption is flawed and threatens the future of the planet.

John has been Artist in Residence at Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer since 2015 and is developing a transdisciplinary art practice at the nexus of art and science. His research includes molecular biology, behavioural science and knowledge translation.

Michele’s works across printmaking and installation art, exploring the rich but conflicted interface between humanity and its planet. Projection and video art are mediums currently being employed by Lane to examine the sustainability of our contemporary existence.

Georgina’s work is informed by the ever-changing nature of landscape and our tenuous and intimate sense of belonging and place within it. Notions of time, cultural and natural memory are reflected in her open and experimental combinations of printmaking techniques and materials explored both en plein air and within her studio.