Paramythia Creative

My name is Louis Blitsas. I have had the ambition to be a writer since I came up with a ‘nom de plume’ at the age of 9 – ‘Eston Fox’. Don’t know where it came from but I thought it would look good on the cover of the millions of novels I was to sell. 47 years later, ‘Eston Fox’ will have his first work published. A poem. In ‘The New Yorker’.

And as with the name, I have no idea how the words I wrote in 27 minutes in ‘Notes’ on my I phone going home on the 96 came from either. That is art. That is the world we love because it can’t be explained. I always knew I could write. and since I had to give up work to become a full time carer for my mother I had no time poor excuse. While living out in real life the character of Arthur from ‘Mother and Son’ I have completed or in process of completing, 4 feature and 4 short screenplays as well as a Television series. Later this year I shall be able to access my super and I shall begin filming. I have had a terrific bunch of experienced actors vindicating my belief once more by committing to any project I am involved in. They are part of my submission to Fringe, my first venture as a playwright. I have no doubt it will be as successful as that as a poet.