Ozfrank Theatre Films

As a dancer and choreographer Graeme Watson has worked on stage, in film, and on television. He joined the Dance Company (NSW) in 1973 and worked periodically with that company until 1980, by which time it had undergone a name change to Sydney Dance Company.

Graeme’s choreography has spanned many genres and the companies that he has created works for include Australian Dance Theatre, Nederlands Dans Theater, TasDance, Human Veins Dance Theatre, the Dancers Company, 2 Dance Plus, Expressions Dance Company, the One Extra Company, Meryl Tankard Company, Dance North and the Queensland Ballet.

In March 1974 Watson became the Queensland Modern and Contemporary Dance Company’s guest artistic director and choreographed two works, Something Turbid and Eccentric Foliage, for the Queensland Festival of Arts season. He has also been artistic director of One Extra Company and Dance North, and most recently worked as head of contemporary dance at the National Aboriginal and Islander Skills Development Association Dance College (NAISDA).

Jacqui Carroll has national and international achievements as a performer, choreographer, producer and director in dance, music, opera, theatre and film.

Jacqui has acclaimed productions with the Australian, WA and Queensland Ballets and was Head of Dance at Adelaide’s Centre for the Performing Arts. She taught dance at the Qld University of Technology, Qld Dance School of Excellence, University of Adelaide, and the West Australian College of Performing Arts.

In 1991, inspired by the training and aesthetic of Japanese theatre director Tadashi Suzuki, Jacqui founded Frank Theatre.

Jacqui returned to ‘big’ dance after an absence of 20 years spent creating more than a score of film and theatre works (most recently the dance theatre, ‘Motel of Memory’; the original musical theatre work, ‘Up Jumped the Devil, based on the music of Nick Cave; and the dance film, ‘Dreams of Nightmares’).