Oscar Smith - Composer

Oscar Smith is a young composer with a wide spectrum of interests. Oscar’s strong passion for music began in the St Andrew’s Cathedral Choir, where he learnt organ and singing, and still continues to sing there.

Currently studying a Bachelor of Composition at the Sydney Conservatorium, primarily under Michael Smetanin, his interests culminate in intriguing new compositions.

Oscar shares a deep love for Balinese Gamelan. Having just returned from his 4th study trip to Bali, he has studied with many illustrious Balinese musicians, including studying karawitan (traditional instruments and repertoire) with I Putu Dewa Berata of Sanggar Çudamani, Gamelan Rindik with I Kadek Dedy Praetama, and contemporary Balinese composition with the world-renowned composer Dewa Alit of Gamelan Salukat.