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Josh is a writer, director, actor and producer from Sydney, Australia. A graduate of NIDA’s Bachelor of Dramatic Art program, he has appeared as an actor for Belvoir, Critical Stages, The Old Fitz, CDP and Merrigong Theatre Company. He has recently completed his first feature screenplay Huntington (2018). Josh is credited as a writer on the short film Kidneys (2016), and as writer/director on Tall, Thin (2015).

Josh first wrote Embarrassing Parents Anonymous in 2017 as a play for a small, dedicated group of young actors. They wanted to interrogate what it was to grow up and the moving boundaries of the parent-child relationship. They, like their parents, were deeply afraid of growing up. More importantly, they all longed for a non-judgemental safe space where they could rely on their peers to support them through difficult times with their families. Thus, Embarrassing Parents Anonymous was born.