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Ngarukuruwala - we sing songs



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Ngarukuruwala–we sing songs is a collaboration between Tiwi singers and non-Tiwi instrumentalists to create contemporary Australian music of high artistic and intellectual quality that blends the skills and expertise of all involved and engages both performers and audience in meaningful cultural exchange and mutual respect.

We’ve performed to sell-out audiences at the Studio, Sydney Opera House and the Darwin and Sydney Festivals.

Our recent projects specifically include repatriated ethnographic recordings of Tiwi song material in order to create an aural and written resource of linguistic and musical knowledge and to engage artistically and emotionally with the voices of revered Tiwi singers of the past.

The Tiwi strong women’s group and senior songmen form the core of this project as respected Elders and custodians of traditional knowledge and song.

We are working towards establishing song-based learning, identity and esteem-building programs for Tiwi children and young people. All our activities stem from Elders’ determination to maintain Tiwi song and language for the cultural, social and spiritual health and well-being of the Tiwi community and to preserve an endangered piece of Australia’s rich cultural heritage.