Before Vivid, White Night, Enlightened and Silo Art Trails, there was the Nati Frinj! Over the 17 year history of the event, Natimuk artists have pioneered large-scale aerial/projection/performance work using Silos as their personal theatre. This year The Nati Frinj Biennale has partnered with Natimuk aerial company Y-Space to bring you Dusk, 3 – 5 November, Natimuk, Vic.

Each night on the cusp of the astronomical twilight the largest stage in the region, the Natimuk silos, will come alive with aerial performance, interactive projections, opera, shadow play, photography and music – a changing performance each night that reflects ‘the day that was’ at the Nati Frinj.

Y-Space Director Jillian Pearce will lead a team of key artists to create the structure of the performance which will also feature Musicians and other performers plucked from the Festival Program.

The key artists are:
• Producer, Artistic Director – Jillian Pearce
• Animator and Projectionist -Dave Jones
• Co producer/ Artist Greg Pritchard
• Shadow and puppet Artist – Mary French
• Y Space Head Rigger – Anthony Schellins and team
• Y Space Aerial Performers – Christy Flaws, Luke O’Conner, Julia Carr and Abby Watkins
• Technical Producer & Lighting Design – Linton Wilkinson
• Photographer/Filmmaker – Anna Ferguson
• Sound design/operation – Outlook Communications