Museum of Chinese in Australia (MOCA)


Museum of Chinese in Australia (MOCA)



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From the first recorded Chinese free settler, who arrived in New South Wales in 1818, the number of Chinese in Australia has grown to become a major part of modern multicultural Australia. Two hundred years from that first settler, there are more than 1.2 million Chinese Australians – Australia-born, China-born, and from every part of Asia and the world. Theirs is a remarkable story in the history, settlement and makeup of Australia, but it has no central repository or display in Sydney or NSW.

The Museum of Chinese in Australia (MOCA) proposes to address that omission, by establishing a centre as a focus for the discovery, preservation and promotion of the history of the Chinese in Australia, in a dedicated museum space in the Haymarket district of Sydney, the city’s oldest surviving, and largest, Chinatown.

MOCA will be a major addition and complement to Australia’s existing history and community museums, and commits to work collaboratively with them.

With the passing of generations and the potential loss of personal papers and other records, there is a measure of urgency to the commencement of this project.

MOCA seeks support for this nationally important undertaking.