Moonshine Movies

Sue Collins is an experienced producer who is passionate about creating work that benefits others. Her past work has been acknowledged with a multitude of awards and has reached millions around the world, shaped government policy and led to the development of several important social initiatives. These projects include recently released ‘Take Heart: The Quest to Rid the World of Rheumatic Heart Disease’ and ‘Little Stars- Accomplishing the Extraordinary in the Face of Serious Illness’.

Sue Collins and collaborator Mike Hill run Moonshine Movies. A multi-award winning independent production company specialising in creating film, television and interactive projects that move audiences to action.

The Moonshine team believe stories shape our world and collaborate with leaders, activists and entrepreneurs to create powerful screen stories that shift consciousness and move audiences to action. The mission is to create work that makes a difference.

With their unique visceral power, movies have the capacity to harness the mind and spirit unlike any other medium. This power combined with ever-increasing inter connectivity empowers us to go beyond the didactic and embrace audience engagement, participation and interactivity.

This is why Moonshine Movies exists – to activate audiences.