Melissa Hamlyn

A graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from both RMT and UNSW I completed my studies in 2017. My interest areas are printmaking and design.

I have a history of producing quality art/design works:

Lane Cove Gallery July/August 2019 – this exhibition showcased experimentation in printmaking processes and aesthetics.

Art pharmacy – I collaborated on this project to celebrate NAIDOC Week 2018. The project supported Mirvac goal to support locally based art.

VAWAA AMBASSADOR – VAWAA (Vacation with an Artist) | Ahmedabad & Goa, India & Barcelona, Spain | 2017 – Ongoing – my role with VAWAA focuses on travelling to various places to develop my craftsmanship and creative skills.

LOCALE April/May: Artists Talks – a series of textile works that documented aspects of the local residential area.

SOCIAL MEDIA OFFICER – This is Not Art Festival (TiNA) Newcastle, NSW 2018 – I focused on developing a social media strategy and executing on the strategy with specific campaigns in various social media platforms.

SOCIAL MEDIA OFFICER – The Melbourne Collective (TMC) May 2013- August 2016 – Like TiNA, I created written and photographic editorial for DARK MOFO 2014/2015/2016 and MONAFOMA 2015. I also assisted on the Beyond the Valley Music