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Mayu Kanamori




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My name is Mayu. Born in Tokyo, based in Sydney and often between places on planes, cars, foot, trains and subways.

Story telling is my art and craft. I often work site specifically with communities, and collaborate with artists and creators from all genres. I write plays, blogs and poetry; create installations, performances, documentaries and radio programs; produce art projects, oral history programs and seminars; facilitate community workshops and arts projects; take photographs, make video and audio installations; research, interview and assist others to tell their stories. I draw during my spare time.

Some of my activities include being a board member of The Koto Music Institute of Australia, on the management committee of Living with Our Dead, and a founding member of Nikkei Australia.

I like to expand my mind and horizons, swim, listen, play and laugh; endeavour to be receptive and open; listen mindfully and with humility; and would like to be of service for the betterment of humanity and for world peace.