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Maci-Grace Johnson is a proud Indigenous Wiradjuri woman based in Sydney Australia. At the age of 19, she is pursuing her dreams in the arts of dance, which is a career she has taken part in since she was a young child. Maci began dancing at the young age of 6, coming from a family of dancers who were in Bangarra and Naisda, Maci quickly learned her sacred indigenous dances and contemporary movements solely from mirroring her family members’ dance performances, which then turned into a passion and soon a professional career. Maci’s past performances have reflected her repertoire of skills, talents, and abilities; in 2014 Maci was apart of CaSPA Dance troupe and traveled to Los Angeles to hold dance workshops for underprivileged students, in the following years Maci has performed all over Australia sharing and teaching her indigenous culture. To perfect her craft, Maci attended the Academy of Music and Performing Arts
And studied Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary to perfect her craft and incorporate the styles with her Wiradjuri dance style.

She is hoping to receive any contributions to help fund her position in the DE PRO Professional Program 2020.