Laura Horrocks

Brisbane emerging artist Laura Horrocks has been living in Paris since early 2015.

Laura studied Fine Art at the Queensland College of Art and graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Queensland. Some highlights of her career include exhibiting in New York and the inclusion of her work in an installation at GOMA Queensland.

Laura uses scientific imagery to engage people in a discourse on the unseen order, cycles and structure that occur in nature. Her choice to study science and art has fostered a deep appreciation for the abstract shapes and systems that create our world.

Specifically inspired by biological exchanges for example the orchestra of cell to cell signalling and interaction inside our bodies her compositions are often suggestive of biological cells or images under a microscope. Using shapes and minimal forms Laura’s art borrows from scientific pathways and exchanges right down to the sharing of electrons between atoms in a molecule.

In her own words her approach is not unscientific; ‘I am continuing to satisfy a curiosity by examining aspects of the natural world to further my own understanding of it’.