Kelly Rose Hammond

Through my art I aim to give a voice to the natural world, spread awareness and stimulate a shift in society toward a conscious and connected world.

Working between digital, 35mm and 120mm film, my photography projects include portraiture, documentary, landscape and fine art. Each body of work stems from my desire to portray the beauty and significance of the natural world and explores my curiosity in social constructs and challenging the status quo.

Colour, subject and light are integral when considering my frame and I am constantly aware of these three elements. My eye is often drawn to the quirky, mundane and overlooked moments in everyday life and these beautiful moments of unrefined natural beauty are what I strive to capture in every image.

Through collaboration, experimentation, exhibition, curation and publication I aim to create authentic work, innovatively convey my messages, broaden my knowledge, reach a wider audience and ultimately develop my creative practice.