Katrina Newman

Born in Melbourne Australia, I studied Gold and Silversmithing at Canberra School of Art graduating in 1983.

I currently use the ancient technique of cuttlefish casting to create modern and refined contemporary jewellery, each piece is unique and will never be repeated.

My work has always been heavily influenced by the changing landscapes of my life; in each ring or pendant you can glimpse into the Australian desert, the sea and its shores, and from travels that include West African countries Ghana and Mali.

As a practicing artist for over 30 years my work has taken on various forms. I’ve also battled for years with the age-old debate of form vs. function. My initial work after establishing my studio was heavily influenced by the architecture of Canberra as it grew around me; I created acrylic hollowware, teapots, coffeepots & drinking vessels. Secondly I fabricated a series of Neck rings made from a variety of alternative materials before experimenting with more formal jewellery styles. I’ve always held the belief, “Comforts are subordinated to style & custom” a quote I borrowed from T.R. Newman from Contemporary African Arts & Crafts.