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KAGE has created highly original contemporary dance since 1997. We produce work from the perspective that dance should play an inspiring, joyful and significant role in modern day Australian life.

KAGE strives to ‘rethink dance’, working at the forefront of the development of the form, content and presentation context for dance.

KAGE was established by Victorian College of the Arts Dance graduates Kate Denborough and Gerard Van Dyck. Kate and Gerard formed a creative partnership based on a shared desire to create original works that progress the form of dance. This took place through collaborating with extraordinary artists and cultures to find original ways to present dance in new context. We explored the development of arresting visual languages, the parallel creation of choreography and music and the dramatic potential of dance and extreme physicality with irreverence and humour.

Almost twenty years later, we continue to create works that are beautiful, inspiring and out of the ordinary. Our groundbreaking collaborations result in performances that are rich and provocative in content.