As far back as I can remember – early childhood – my identity as an artist has found expression.

From age 4 – 26 years I danced, studied all forms, and ran my own studio for 5 years. From primary school I drew and painted regularly always having a sketchbook on-hand. I had my first camera age 10.

By 21, I enrolled in a Media Design Diploma, double major in photography and computer-based design. I exhibited in my first sold-out group show Fremantle in 1991.

Whilst producing art, I was professionally commandeered to creative roles in the Gay law reform movement, HIV/AIDS sector, law-reform and human rights campaigns, legal and social research, disability-discrimination law, community-based organisational development and independent-statutory roles.

In 2012 I committed myself to full-time arts practice, focusing on investigating abstraction and taking inspiration from what lies closest at hand. I work in digital media and photography and use new techniques in each work or series I approach.

My work has an immediacy, often capturing movement, transience, transformation or using still life set pieces, public spaces or models. My first solo exhibition has been 3 years in development including fostering a strong online community.