Jenny Hicks

Jenny Hicks is a screen creative with 35 years of experience working on high quality broadcast and festival documentaries and award-winning feature films.

Jenny has had a varied, adventurous life, travelled widely and worked as everything from a life guard to a Jillaroo. She has written books, created and curated a film festival, and produced a documentary, but her film career has predominantly been in editing.

Jenny’s credits as an assistant editor include: Twin Peaks, Wild at Heart, Lord of The Rings, all three Matrix films, The Last Samurai, Blood Diamond and The Thin Red Line. As editor, her feature film credits include: A Million Colours, Winnie Mandela and Emu Runner which was nominated for an AACTA award. Television documentaries include The House and You Can’t Ask That for the ABC, the latter won AACTA and Walkley awards.

Currently undertaking her master’s degree in film directing at AFTRS, the short film The Stranger will launch Jenny’s career as a writer/director.

The Stranger team also includes fellow MA collaborators: producer Nathaniel Heinz, cinematographer Sam Steinle, editor Alex Cox, sound designer Sean Doyle and composer Dan O’Brien – All of whom share a passion for telling stories via the medium of film.