Auspicious Arts Projects Inc. - Jean Tong

Jean Tong is a writer and director creating politically irreverent works about the untidiness of cultural identification, structural inequality, and Otherness.

Her work – tonally best described as ‘wry outrage’ – makes explosive statements using dark humour and vivid imagery that tends to burrow under the skins of audiences long after they leave the theatre. She is informed by her border-straddling, imaginary citizenship, and can never stop seeing the in-betweens, which she finds fascinating. She is interested in the elusivity and elasticity of language(s).

Her recent works include ‘hungry ghosts’ for Melbourne Theatre Company (2018) & MTC Cybec Electric (2017), ‘macdeath: a coda’ for Union House Theatre (2016), and ‘TERRORISM’ (2016), which received the UHT Best New Writing Award. She has also presented at the Emerging Writers’ Festival and published in Peril Magazine. She is currently completing a Master in Writing for Performance at the Victorian College of the Arts.