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Jaslyn Mairs




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I am an emerging Sydney based director, currently studying at the Australian Film and television radio school.

Storytelling and its powerful ability to create affect has always been a major part of my life. Traversing through the written worlds of JK Rowlings in my childhood, exploring expression through painting and theatre in high-school, and now the power of cinema in further studies.

I believe that every person has a story worthy of telling, that each life holds value and is worth exploration. Taking this love of humanity and translating it through the median of cinema provides a wonderful opportunity to tell intimate and honest stories. My particular set of life experiences has left me particularly fascinated in the nuance and minutiae of growing up. Youth is a wonderful cacophony of emotion and life-defining events, it’s the molten stew that sets each person upon their journey through this life.

Through cinema I hope to share intimacy between characters, stories and audience. As a method for creating new empathy between peoples, there is no greater weapon than the stories we craft, and my median is cinema.