Ian graduated from Sydney College of the Arts with a B.A. in Visual Communications and is currently completing his Master in Media Arts at the University of Technology, Sydney. He works as a freelance director for advertising, film, television and theatre.

Ian has studied directing, acting and scriptwriting – and gathered extensive international experience in Sydney, London, Barcelona, Vienna, Hamburg and Berlin. Ian has directed 3 documentaries: one about David Byrne, another about the Berlin Video Art Festival and most recently the internationally awarded ‘Out in the Line-Up’. He has also written and directed the stage play ‘The Garden Fence’, and directed a theatre production of ‘The Open Relationship’. His first short film ‘Desiderata’ was a finalist in the Black Nail Film Festival, and his latest short ‘Atados’ was selected into the Budapest, York and Bogota Short Film Festivals.

As a producer James Cogswell looks to find innovative ways to turn passive viewing experiences into active engagement. Central to this practice is the early engagement of audiences and stakeholders to build a community around a project, maximizing reach and impact.

Most recently James produced the documentary ‘Cast from the Storm’ about a group of teenage refugees adjusting to life western Sydney. After premiering on the ABC in October 2015 the film has been screened by several major organisations to engage their stakeholders regarding forced migration, including the United Nations and Amnesty International.

This is James and Ian’s second project after co-producing OUT in the line-up -a feature documentary about the taboo of homosexuality in surf culture.