Inscape Tas is a new not for profit organisation set up to support best practice in arts and health project delivery and evaluation, capacity building, advice and consultation.

Inscape Tas supports artists to work in healthcare and other non-art settings with the aim of promoting a wider sense of wellbeing for all people who provide or receive the services in these settings.

This purpose is achieved by the following objectives:
• To facilitate professional development, support and training for artists to understand how their different perspective and practice can contribute positively to the non-art setting.
• To offer skill development opportunities for health care and other staff in these settings.
• To initiate, develop and deliver projects where skilled artists work in non-arts settings to provide innovative, and process driven programs.
• To source funding and resources to support projects and programs through private, local, state and federal government opportunities. A fee for training and/or consultation may also generate income to support these projects.