Hotel Now

Established in 2013, Hotel Now are an emerging Melbourne based theatre company with a reputation for immersive, challenging and entertaining works.

Our mission is to leave an impact. We create work that puts our audience at the forefront, considering their experience from check-in to departure. Hotel Now fosters a daring ensemble of artists with ambition, innovation and tenacity; responding to our environment. Because, if not Now, when?

Previous works include: ‘Sad Digger Mad Mary’ (La Mama Courthouse 2017), ‘What’s Yours is Mine’ (Poppy Seed Theatre Festival 2016). ‘Nothing Special’ (Melbourne Fringe Festival 2016), ‘Betty & Joan. Bitch. Slut. Whore.’ (Midsumma/La Mama 2016), ‘Hersteria’ (Melbourne Fringe Festival 2015), ‘Contra’ (Frisk: Melbourne Fringe Festival 2014) and ‘Saligia’ (Mudfest 2013). Hotel Now was awarded the Hannah Berry Memorial Award at VCA.