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Garland magazine is the publishing platform of the World Crafts Council – Australia.

This organisation re-establishes the 50-year-old link between Australia and the World Crafts Council. It is the only national platform for the crafts in Australia.

Our magazine “tells the stories behind what we make” by commissioning experienced writers to produce long-form essays that reflect the worlds involved in a handmade object.

Garland is a journey. The quarterly issues focus on a different creative centre of the Asia Pacific in order to build a sense of creative community in the region of which Australia can play a leading role. These include South Korea, Adelaide, north Queensland, Yogyakarta, Mumbai and Bangkok.

Garland is a space where Australians can be proud of what we make and welcome the beautiful cultures that are active in our part of the world.

WoCCA is also helping to produce the Online Encyclopedia of Crafts in the Asia Pacific Region. It currently represents the South Pacific region in the World Crafts Council and is planning future projects to build stronger connections between our islands.