Eva Mutuanene is a recent film graduate from the Australian Film, Television & Radio School (Bachelor of Screen Production, Class 2019). Eva has a keen passion for drama period pieces and seeks to create and produce content centred on women and people of colour.

Through the process of directing her own films, Any Means (2018) and Lessons From My Father (2018); Eva learnt about the immense diligence and organisation required behind every film. Since then, and whilst also freelancing on other various projects, Eva has found an affinity for producing and assistant directing and plans to continue in this field.

As the daughter of immigrants and having been an immigrant herself, Eva has come to experience two widely contrasting ideals and lifestyles. Because of this, she will always be indebted to have the opportunity to truly understand what it means to empathise with people and enjoy the best of what all cultures have to offer. It is with these personal experiences that inspired her to become a storyteller and tell the insane and wonderful stories that can only come from an equally insane and wonderful life.