Countess – a blog and a benchmarking report founded by artist Elvis Richardson – has been publishing data on gender representation in Australian contemporary visual arts since 2008. (

Countess’ data-collecting activities provides hard evidence of the need for change and questions how gender bias influences notions of quality and importance in determining artistic merit and success and whose art is seen and valued.

Countess is internationally recognised as the go-to resource for statistics, data and dialogue on gender equity in the Australian visual arts sector. Responses to gender inequality in contemporary art have increased over the past decade. They include; The East London Fawcett Group’s Great East London Art Audit, a data collection project focusing on London contemporary art galleries in 2012, the 2014 Gallery Tally in which Los Angeles artist Micol Hebron asked artists to submit posters visualising the gender representation of commercial galleries, the statistical research of Pussy Galore and of course the continuing artistic activism of the influential and ground breaking US-based Guerrilla Girls.