Elbow Room are a contemporary performance ensemble based in Melbourne, Australia. The company was founded in 2008 by Emily Tomlins, Angus Grant and Marcel Dorney with the mission ‘to ask big questions in small spaces’. Since then, they have cultivated a practice which combines a radically optimistic faith in the curiosity of audiences, and our collective intelligence, with a rigorous approach to the crafts of performance.

Elbow Room’s purpose is to create theatre that tests and strengthens the relationship between the way that we communicate and the way we structure and participate in our society.

By pursuing principles of ensemble, Elbow Room create a space for their collaborators to deepen and challenge their practice, and to empowering audiences to ask important questions.

Over seven years, Elbow Room have created eleven original performance works which have garnered critical acclaim, sell-out seasons in several cities, and multiple re-presentation partnerships around Australia, including the Brisbane Festival, Adelaide Fringe Festival, Sydney Fringe Festival, Melbourne Fringe Festival, Metro Arts, and Junction Arts Festival. The company has received three Green Room Awards.