Decibel New Music Ensemble

“… adventurous, inquisitive, challenging. They both honour and sabotage modernist traditions. They’re at times uplifting, at others, terrifying, and almost always, thought-provoking. Decibel are doing things that literally no-one else in the state, even the country, is doing…”
Lyndon Blue, Cool Perth Nights, June 2011

The Difficult Commission Project builds on Decibel’s track record and reputation for commissioning, premiering and performing new works from Australian composers of new musical forms.

Decibel is an award winning, Western Australian new music ensemble. It is a world leader in the integration of acoustic instruments and electronics and pioneering electronic score formats, including the Decibel ScorePlayer App.

Since the ensemble’s inception in 2009, Decibel has commissioned over 100 new works from Australian composers, such as Jon Rose, Alan Lamb, Ross Bolleter, Warren Burt, Eric Griswold and Antony Pateras.

Decibel given the Australian premiere of works by renowned international composers including Alvin Lucier [US], John Cage [US] and Giacinto Scelsi [IT]. Decibel has collaborated with world-renowned artists Eliane Radigue [FR], Werner Dafeldecker [GER], Agostino Di Scipio [IT], Alvin Curran [US] and David Toop.