Danielle Loy




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I am a published author, a documentary maker and a screen writer. I have written and directed three documentary films, one of which (Bush Law) aired on ABC TV, BBC World, Aljazeera and won the Human Rights Arts and Film Festival best documentary award. I have just written a feature film about a diverse racial group of hip hop artists living on a remote community, inspired from my previous life as an Aboriginal Legal aid lawyer, during which I spent alot of time on Aboriginal communities and engaging with incredibly talented musicians living on them. I have written 7 drafts of the script under the mentorship of Australian film veteran Helen Leake. It is now production ready. The next step required is to develop the music for the film, beginning with some signature songs and culminating in a musical score. To commence this process my plan is to begin collaborating with an established Australian Hip Hop Artist who will travel out to the remote community in which the film will be set and run some musical development workshops.