Dan Daw Creative Projects

An established Australian disabled artist, Dan works collaboratively with a growing network of established and emerging companies and artists to develop new work for international audiences.

Dan has worked with Restless Dance Theatre (AUS), Australian Dance Theatre (AUS), Force Majeure (AUS), FRONTLINEdance (UK), Scottish Dance Theatre (UK), balletLORENT (UK), Candoco Dance Company (UK) and Skånes Dansteater (SWE). Throughout his performance career, Dan has also worked with Kat Worth, Garry Stewart, Kate Champion, Janet Smith, Adam Benjamin, Wendy Houstoun, Sarah Michelson, Rachid Ouramdane, Nigel Charnock, Matthias Sperling, Marc Brew, Claire Cunningham, Javier de Frutos and Carl Olof Berg.

“Theatre and dance are art forms that have the potential to transcend expectation. As maker I see it as my artistic responsibility to present audiences and the theatre and dance ecologies with an alternative as if to say, “Or there’s this”. To offer work that I want audiences to see, rather than work that audiences want to see.”

“Straddling the divide between theatre and dance, my work and overarching artistic approach supports that both “success” and “failure” are valid and interesting.”