Capto Collective was created by 5 young artists with the goal of using art and design as a medium for more than the superficial; that is to say, they use art and design to question social paradigms, introduce new ideas and start conversations.

Anson Li and Lawrence Liang first started collaborating in 2017, founding ANL Design. Li is a second-generation Australia born Chinese artist and practicing architect. Liang is a second generation Australian born Chinese artist and Architecture/Civil Engineering graduate.

Li and Liang base many of their works around pressing social issues. Their first piece ‘Closer’ exhibited at Vivid Sydney 2018 revolved around how technology is becoming a barrier to genuine human interaction.

Natalia Gulbransen-Diaz and Yanyi Feng view their cultural backgrounds–Venezuelan-Australian and Chinese-Australian respectively–as integral aspects of their identity and storytelling. They are currently undertaking their Honours year of a Bachelor’s in Design Computing at the University of Sydney.

Gulbransen-Diaz and Feng collaborated with Li and Liang underneath design collaborative Capto Collaborative for the installation ‘Nostalgia Above’ at Vivid Sydney 2019. Following the resounding success of this work, they strengthened the collaboration with the presence of Kathy Lai, a sculptor and design curator currently completing a Bachelor of Product Design at the University of Technology Sydney.