Bryan Cutts




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Started as a 5-year-old; lost my ballet shoe and blinded by the lights… I’ve not looked back. Work includes theatre, film, television and radio.
Trained under gifted people including Peter Dickinson, Collette Rayment, Dean Carey, Adam Cook and Mark Gaal, through the Royal Academy of Ballet, Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP) and Actors’ Centre.

Performance disciplines include acting for stage, film and television; slapstick, mime and other physical performance styles, comedy and improvisation. I also do voiceover work.

Stage appearances include Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’, Ravenhill’s ‘Mother Clap’s Molly House’, ‘Archangels Don’t Play Pinball’ by Dario Fo, and Pinter’s ‘The Collection’. Live work includes children’s entertainment (NSW Working with Children check WWC0580070E). Screen credits include ‘Living with the Law’ and the title role in the short film ‘Monsieur Clown’.

As a director / producer, productions include Australian premiere of ‘Beginner at Life‘ (Alana Ruben Free), Alan Mackay’s ‘The Boy on the Roof’, ‘Just Once‘ by Alex Broun, Andrew Bergman’s ‘Social Security‘, and Jeff Goode’s ‘The 8’. Presented The Goon Show LIVE! in 2013 and is ongoing.