Brunswick Coburg Anti-Conscription Commemoration Campaign

The Brunswick Coburg Anti-Conscription Commemoration Campaign is a community network. It was formed to mark the centenary of the successful campaign to vote against conscription for World War One.

We’ve reminded people of the lively debates of that time through a series of highly successful educational, artistic and cultural events.

Last year we reproduced anti-conscription posters from 1916, which were pasted up around Brunswick and Coburg. Playwright Neil Cole wrote a new play, “1916”, re-visiting the debates of that year through the eyes of activists Vida Goldstein and Adela Pankhurst. The performances involved professional actors and a choir from the local school.

We’ve compiled local resources for Brunswick Secondary College year 9 history classes and hosted experts to speak on this history. Local sites related to these events have been visited with walking tours. In May 2017, we held a one-day academic conference with 12 eminent historians and 130 participants.

We commissioned and performed a new song which will become part of our new project, “Serenading Adela: A Street Opera”.

These projects have been generously supported through donations, crowd-funding, and Moreland City Council grants.