Bec Vandyk, Russell Lilford and Sue Acheson

Bec Vandyk excels at many things. Majoring in Ceramics at LaTrobe Uni, her talents have spread into many fine art projects including performance art and acting, also set design and costume making – total immersion in the creative process.
Constantly exploring new fields, her creative practice is informed by her research into human sexual development, where she uses photography and film making to document and provoke discussion about feminist concepts

Russell Lilford is presently involved in fine art, printmaking and performance at Studio Alchemic. His history shows a wide variety of experiences and exposure including solo exhibitions, collaborations and community projects.
Working in the Northern Territory for a number of years, Russell lectured at the Charles Darwin University whilst establishing art studios and projects for Aboriginal groups whilst practicing and performing in his own right.

Sue Acheson has a background in Graphic Design, Project Management, Ceramics, Sculpture and Public art. Constantly exploring new skills, Sue spent some years designing and painting theatre sets and has a constant involvement in community art.
Inspired by the energies of nature, her art practice reflects the bush around her home, using marks which accentuate the light and shadow created by natural forces.