Baris Ulusoy

Baris Ulusoy is an emerging filmmaker based in Melbourne.

He is studying film and TV at Swinburne University, focusing on directing and producing. Baris has surged into 2016 following a highly successful venture into documentary filmmaking in 2015. Production on a Turkish community documentary based on Australia’s only Ottoman Marching Band, and a short film depicting the Turkish community in the far northern suburbs of Melbourne have been Baris’ primary focus for the year, seeking to further represent the community he has been surrounded by throughout his youth.

Baris has had a range of experience fulfilling roles on a variation of corporate, wedding, and short films shoots, and is constantly seeking projects to expand his experience.

Baris will be graduating from Swinburne University this year, and moving into independent film production full time.

Baris has a passion for documentary and Arthouse filmmaking in a variety of roles, with a particular focus on Directing and Producing.