bAKEHOUSE Theatre Company

bAKEHOUSE theatre company is a not for profit organisation, committed to new voices and big ideas. We are seeking your support as we work to make KXT – Kings Cross Theatre a vibrant and exciting platform for Sydney’s indie artists.

We encompass: diversity in casting; telling new stories from new communities; platforms for emerging artists; and the stories and voices missing from our national stages.

We believe that independent theatre offers new opportunities for big conversations and innovative staging. At bAKEHOUSE we challenge our artists to embrace the limitations of independent theatre, to explore new ways to inspire big conversations, to create extraordinary and memorable solutions.

We believe in the fearless voice of brave new theatre makers. In 2016 our Step Up Program supported countless new and emerging companies, writers, and directors. In 2017 we play host to 4 world premieres, 9 Australian premieres, 3 major diverse projects, 2 international co-productions, 1 international commission, and 4 script developments

We believe in the power of theatre to provoke social change. Our StoryLines program provides a platform for the stories and voices missing from our national stage. Through our bACE project we provide opportunities for closer ties between Sydney and Mumbai, funding and facilitating the cultural exchange of artists from both countries.

“Black Jesus is a powerful piece of theatre. It is bold and violent with extraordinary performances” – Australian Stage
“bAKEHOUSE once again brings to Sydney a premiere performance that flouts the conventional theatre scene in many ways. It is raw and angry and challenging, gritty and unvarnished, hard-hitting and confronting, fast-paced and uncompromising…” – Stage Whispers
“another feather in the cap for the Kings Cross theatre, which hasn’t put a foot wrong in this, it’s first year” – Jason Blake, SMH