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Backyard Theatre Collective is a company focused on providing opportunities for talented individuals to team up and make great art. We feel this is possible when the collective is diverse and everyone feels that they belong. This balance and belonging needs to include directors, writers, performers, producers, marketing and technical production. For ‘Boys Taste Better with Nutella’ our team includes female, queer, Asian, emerging and mid-career artists.

Peter Wood is an Australasian actor, dancer and performance-maker, and creates work that focuses on LGBTQ+ issues with Asian-Australian influences. Caitlin Hill is a theatre, television and film actor, and one of Australia’s first YouTubers. Her work focuses on themes of equality and empowering women, inspired by spending too much time on Tumblr. Kristen Maloney is a director, writer and producer and is completing her PhD at the Queensland University of Technology.