Asha Bee Abraham

Asha Bee Abraham is a Melbourne-based participatory artist and human ecologist joining the dots between art, sustainability and community.

Her projects and writings tend to focus on cities and connections – connections to each other, to our place, and to our selves. Society, soil and soul. Asha’s art practice is informed by her background as a human ecologist and her research and work in the field of sustainable community development.

With a passion for evoking critical questions about our culture and inspiring transitions within it, Asha contributes to dialogues on theory and practice occurring in both the fields of participatory art and sustainable community development, exploring how each can inform the other.

Asha’s recent projects have included ‘Where the heart is’ (2015), ‘Die Insel’ (2014), and ‘In Passing’ (2013, 2014). She is currently developing ‘Urban Myths’, which will occur in the streets of Melbourne from September 2015.