Anvil Productions

Founded in 2015 by writer/producer Rebecca Lister and actor/producer Joanne DavisAnvil Productions is committed to making contemporary, issue-based theatre that attracts non-traditional theatre going audiences. 

Past works include, Snapshots, Bits and Pieces, Am I Happy Yet?, HERE, Betrayal in a Valentino FrockIDentity Film Festival and Resting Bitch Face.    

Since it’s inception Anvil Productions has received grants from Creative Victoria, City of Yarra, City of Melbourne, Ballarat City Council,   Maribyrnong City Council, Metanoia Theatre and Jesuit Social Services.  

Anvil Productions is currently working on a theatre project with young people at Parkville Juvenile Justice Centre.  

For the touring season of 2:20AM Anvil Productions will work with director Hallie Shellam, actors Joanne Davis, Michael Treloar, Izabella Yena and Zoe Ellerton-Ashley.  Lighting design by Megz Evans and sound design by Darius Kedros.