I am a contemporary artist working on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Using traditional techniques and combining these with experimental processes, I use plants and natural materials to discover and record the stories of the world around me. Using my art practice to learn about culture, history, environment and connect to people and community.

Taking these ideas and sharing them via workshops and exhibitions to inspired new dialogue about the possibilities for the future, is a big part of the process. Using Art as a voice helps break down boundaries and ensures that traditional knowledge is kept alive, and brought into a contemporary space where it becomes relevant to a new way of thinking.

I have studied a certificate in drawing, sculpture at Tom Bass Studio and Fine Art at Sydney College of the Arts, combined with master classes in various related disciplines. I am the recipient of three RADF grants and a finalist in the 2015 The Churchie National Emerging Art Prize, 2016 Cambridge Art Prize, 2016 Moreton Bay Art Award and the 2016 Milburn Art Prize.

My first solo exhibition was held at Noosa Regional Gallery in 2015.