wreckedAllprods is a queer performance collective formed in 2000 when Alyson Campbell and Lachlan Philpott met on a community outreach program for at-risk young people in the LGBTQI+ community.

Their work is distinct because of its queerness, the complex subtlety of its aesthetic and because it reflects an interest in going back as much as going forward. While Campbell and Philpott have forged separate individual careers, it is when collaborating together that they make work that pushes them both further to explore and develop new dramaturgical paradigms, e.g. The Trouble with Harry, Bison, Colder, Cake Daddy, GL RY.

wreckedAllprods has created work in the UK, the USA and Australia, collaborating with many communities. Working across many different locations reflects an interest in making connections to other cultures, which in turn helps us to make sense of our own.

As an assemblage of queer performance-makers, wreckedAll provides a safe environment for emerging artists, and Campbell and Philpott are committed to mentoring and supporting future queer artists.