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For 34 years Access Arts has been a leader in supporting Queensland’s most vulnerable people, empowering their personal and career skills through art, providing inspiration for their future, and bringing them together with people and communities that results in long-term transformation.

Our mission is to pioneer pathways in the arts for people experiencing disability or disadvantage. Access Arts encompasses the whole range of disadvantage, including people with mental health issues and mental illness, learning and ambulatory difficulties, hearing and vision loss, and age-related barriers that prevent them engaging with the world around them. We also address the challenges faced by First Australians by giving them the tools to express themselves, their history, and their ongoing story through art.

Access Arts proves that art has the power to change minds, transform mental health, give voice to the voiceless, and provide motivation and skills for a more optimistic future. Through art we create a more vibrant, richer and inclusive social dialogue.