Nat Grant is a percussionist, theatre composer and sound artist working across live performance, installation, and sound design. Her work explores intersections between improvisation, chance and intention in the development of sound as a sculptural medium.

Through the integration of electronic processing and sampling with acoustic instruments and sound recordings she creates cumulative sound works that link consciousness and memory, allowing interaction between audience and performers.

Nat has worked professionally as a composer across music, theatre, film and dance productions. Her 2016 collaborative composition with the Amplified Elephants as part of the Jolt Arts’ The Book of Daughters toured internationally in April 2017. She has previously been commissioned to write new works for a number of solo artists and chamber ensembles, and has been continually reemployed by theatre companies The Stain and ITCH for 2 and 8 years respectively. A new commission for the Solstice piano trio will be premiered at the Melbourne Recital Centre in October 2017.

Nat’s compositions have been performed internationally, most recently at the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival. Her yearlong composition project Momentum has been exhibited and received radio play around the world.